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Ladies Choice is an all-purpose board, the analogue of the famous men's snowboard from GNU, which has been gaining popularity as a proven projectile for everything for many seasons in a row. And when Jamie Anderson needs an all mountain snowboard, she always chooses Ladies Choice. And it's quite understandable why: an intuitive asymmetrical geometry with a slightly deeper sidecut radius and varying stiffness core, a C2X camber with a shorter but aggressive overall rocker line - it's perfect for both fast maneuvers and and for relaxed skiing in deep snow, Magne-Traction technology, a durable core, composite fiberglass and the toughest bio-plastic - all components are tested and approved by the most demanding critics - thousands of riding girls around the world.


  • Pro Model Jamie Anderson
  • Rigidity: 4-5 out of 10
  • Destination: All Mountain/Freestyle
  • True Twin Geometry: fully symmetrical board geometry
  • C2X Camber: new C2 camber formula with shorter but aggressive overall rocker line; Pronounced aggressive rocker between binding areas, followed by a smoother camber that flows into the binding area to increase the contact surface, the deflection is designed for aggressive riding, maneuverability; performs well in deep snow and is stable at speeds

  • Asym Scale: Level 2: includes different sidecut radii (deeper at the heel) for slightly different agility and a softer core at the heel ; in addition, the contact angles and length are also asymmetric, and the rear contact surface is shorter
  • Magne-Traction is 7 strategically placed smooth ridges on the line of both lateral radii. They protrude the most in the binding area, where the center of gravity is located, which adds control and power exactly where they are needed most. The rest of the lugs are smaller and not as aggressive: providing control without detracting from your freestyle freedom
  • Balsa/Aspen/Paulownia II/III Core: Lightweight and incredibly strong core for unrivaled responsiveness and durability
  • Sustainable Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax composite fiberglass: Tri-Ax fiber laid in succession at 45° 45° 90° angles, for excellent torsional rigidity, and the Bi-Ax fiber is laid at 0° 90° angles for greater flexibility and responsiveness
  • UHMW Sidewalls: The sidewalls are made of the toughest recycled ABS elastomer that also protects the core from moisture
  • The top layer of the snowboard is made of Bio Beans, the highest strength-to-weight ratio
  • Sintered Speed Base
  • Manufactured: USA

Board-Club Official GNU in Ukraine.

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