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Skunk Ape is the dream board project for the big boys of Lib Tech's experimental division, which has a wide waist and high stiffness, provided by a combination of fiberglass and basalt fibers with a tensile modulus similar to epoxy. The model also features a lightweight aspen and paulownia wood core construction, Magne-Traction wave edge for confident handling on icy slopes, and a C2 camber that combines a mixture of camber and rocker for balance and stability at high speeds. Discover new possibilities in freestyle with Skunk Ape.

All sizes are Wide - for owners of foot sizes from 45 and above, and 170Ultra Wide from 47+

Graphics: Quincy Quigg (@q_quigg)

Purpose: All Mountain/Freestyle

Hardness: 7 out of 10


Directional Twin geometry: symmetrical board in the area between the embeds, the nose is slightly longer than the tail (the embeds are moved back)

C2 camber: rocker/camber mix, pronounced rocker between the binding areas with aggressive camber at the tail and nose of the board. Thanks to this design, the board performs well in deep snow and is balanced and stable at high speeds


Magne-Traction®: These are 7 strategically placed smooth ridges on the line of both lateral radii. They stick out the most around your feet, where your center of gravity is, which adds control and power exactly where you need them most. The rest of the lugs are smaller and not as aggressive: providing control without detracting from your freestyle freedom

Horsepower Construction: Lightweight construction with sustainable technology and materials

Core: 60% Aspen (Aspen)/40% Paulownia (Paulownia): Lightweight and incredibly strong core for unsurpassed responsiveness and durability

Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax fiberglass composite: Tri-Ax fiber laid in series at 45° 45° 90° angles for excellent torsional rigidity, and Bi-Ax fiber laid at 0° 90° angles for greater flexibility?? Responsiveness

Basalt - basalt fiber layer: unique heavy-duty basalt fiber is 92% stronger and stronger than conventional fiberglass; difficult to manufacture and having an elongation modulus similar to epoxy, this fiber determines the high level of torsional rigidity of the board, ensuring the durability of the projectile

Eco Sublimated Bio Beans Top: Eco-friendly lid top layer with the highest strength-to-weight ratio

Eco Sublimated Sintered Base: A fast sintered base with low fluorine content and therefore more environmentally friendly

Lightweight Spin-Slim Construction: Lightweight profiled nose and tail design for better maneuverability

Birch Internal Sidewalls: Birch internal sidewalls laid at 90 degrees for superb power transfer to the edge

UHMW Sintered Sidewalls: the sidewalls are made of the strongest ABS elastomer, which also protects the core from moisture

UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection: Toughest ABS elastomer tip and tail for excellent board response, strength and shock absorption

Made in USA.

Board-Club officialLIB TECH in Ukraine.

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