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Surfboard Pickupstick by LIB TECH is the golden mean between a short board and a long one.

A decent volume will allow you to conquer entry-level waves, and the shape of the board and tail will allow you to maneuver like on a short board. Regardless of your level of riding, with this board you will easily move forward, increasing the time spent on the wave and improving your skills. An ideal choice for beginners, as well as for surfers who want to ride for fun.

* Fins not included

We love surfboards and surfboards, but...traditional surfboard construction is delicate and the assembly process is toxic and unhealthy...we knew there had to be a better way. 12 years ago, Mike Olson decided to create a stronger and more durable surfboard. He applied his 30 years of experience handcrafting and riding high performance composite boards, skateboards and snowboards. As a result, he completely changed the industry of building surfboards. The ECO IMPACTO material used to create our boards is a new material for the surf industry. The entire Thermo Pressure Fusion unique manufacturing process creates an amazingly durable, environmentally friendly, high performance product that will take your surf to new heights.

All our boards are handmade in the USA near Canada.

  • It is possible to install FCS II fins!
  • Two fins for fine adjustment of the fins
  • Lightweight and reinforced fin attachment
Magnesium fiber
  • Strong and elastic material!
  • High impact fiber
Basalt fiber
  • Light and strong structure!
  • Mineral fiber
  • Excellent damage protection
  • Great board responsiveness
  • The pressure is on the strong carbon fiber
  • Absorption and return of energy from the board
  • Perfect flexibility
Filling foam with nitrogen
  • Stronger, lighter, moisture resistant!
  • Environmentally friendly filler
  • The shape of the fiber is elliptical for rigidity in side impacts
  • strong and smooth!
  • Vibration absorbing and cushioning layer
  • Shock and dent resistant
Bio-formable resin (BIO-MATRIX RESIN)
  • Strong and beautiful!
  • Based on glycerine with a low content of harmful substances
  • Surf like a new polyester board
  • Longer life than epoxy
Elastic fiber around the perimeter of the board (ELASTO PERIMETER DAMPENING FIBER)
  • Smooth and strong!
  • Flexibility and precise control
  • Impact resistant
Reinforced inserts
  • Resistant to pressure and dents!
  • Incredibly strong
  • Great response
  • New carbon fiber structure
  • Strong base
  • 6061 T6 Aviation Aluminum Pins
  • Lightweight composite mortgage

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