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New construction on a proven classic shape. The Ronix took the Press Play kit from last season and made it all wood. Perfect for intermediate riders, pros will love it too. With a unique, durable design with integrated sidewall reinforcements, a smooth, continuous slight camber for more glide through the water, and a durable base, this model is ready to prove to you that not every park board needs to be soft.


  • Destination: Park
  • Level: Advanced, Expert
  • Flex Press: Flexible nose and tail designed for good stability and the ability to increase the angle of pressure when performing tricks, as well as facilitate side changes
  • Continuous Rocker: Smooth continuous slight camber for more glide on the water; helps to develop high speed both in normal riding and when performing tricks, and also implements a faster, easier and more controlled approach to the element
  • Vertical-laid wood core for maximum bounce, able to withstand any riding conditions thanks to durable materials
  • Strong Monocoque Construction is achieved through a single sheet of fiberglass - this makes the board indestructible
  • Krypto Cable - special integrated reinforcements make the sidewalls not the weakest, but one of the toughest parts of the board
  • Grind Base: a durable base that can handle high speeds and loads in the park and jibbing
  • M6 Inserts: Special low-profile binding inserts for full board feel and better water contact.

Weight indicator

  • 144 - up to 170 lbs

Board-Club is the official representative of RONIX in Ukraine

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