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RONIX KINETIK PROJECT SPRINGBOX 2 is an innovative park wakeboard that guarantees new and exciting experiences. The unique wooden construction with individual pressure points, as well as a flexible shape with a strong deflection in the nose and tail, will allow you to independently determine and press for a comfortable angle of inclination and easy side switching during tricks. In addition, a small smooth rocker and durable exclusive base will ensure full contact with the water and the development of high speed for a comfortable entry into the elements, which will facilitate your preparation for the performance. If you're looking for a wakeboard that can support your tricks and not let you down when you need it, then the Kinetik Project boards are sure to love you.


  • Destination: Park
  • Level: Advanced, Expert
  • 3D-WOOD construction: made up of individual cubic wood pieces that have individual levels of stiffness and pressure
  • Springbox shape: offers different flexibility in the design - in the bow and tail, making the board react quickly to the actions taken
  • Flex Press: Flexible nose and tail designed for good stability and the ability to increase the angle of pressure when performing tricks, as well as facilitate side changes
  • Continuous Rocker: smooth continuous slight camber for more glide in the water; gives the possibility of developing high speed both in standard riding and when performing tricks, and also implements a faster, easier and more controlled approach to the element
  • Head: Paulownia wood
  • Sintered Magic Carpet: the most durable base that can handle high speeds and loads in the park and jibbing, protected by innovative fiberglass for a first-class glide
  • Speedwalls Edges: Vertical urethane inserts for high speeds, durability and durability even for park riding
  • G&R technology: traction and release channels for stability on the water without too much drag
  • M6 Inserts: Special low-profile binding inserts for full board feel and better water contact
  • Fiberglass rods
  • Processing: thermoplastic polyurethane with graphic design

Weight indicator:

  • 144 - 135 to 185 lbs
  • 150 - 150 to 200 lbs
  • 156 - 170 + lbs

Board-Club Official representative RONIX in Ukraine

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