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Aaron Witherell's Pro-Oriented Aaron Witherell Air and Speed ??Uniform has incorporated all of his credentials as a rider and designer into the Air'N suit.

The shape of the tail is designed for a light and free-flowing whiffle from the comb.

Flat rocker and soft concave for a secure, nimble swish.

The big river on the Rails is suitable for the center, to avoid shaking in case of any adventurousness and maneuvers, and the tail with aggressive kutas to ensure the unruly strangeness and control.

“This is a nameless board. On it, I don’t think about those who grow up with it, don’t stick out the swedes or the heights. Dovgovchnst and mtsnst vyshla on a completely new level. Those hours, if you were worried and were afraid to hit the dosh in the boat, they went back. » - Aaron Witherell

Skim Fin Set

Two "nubb" hindfins - 1 5/8"

One subfin - 1"


Dovzhina Width Tovshchina Volume Ryder's Wagon 4'6" 20.75" 0.75" 10.3cl 54-90 kg


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