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Good condition, briefly used for testing.

For more information, call 067 480 69 60 Board Club store.


  • For intermediate to advanced riders
  • Ideal for Unhoked riding
  • Updated bridle for clear feedback

Review from Andrey Salnik:

It would seem that nothing can jump higher than the third union, but now the fourth generation of the legendary model has come out and now you can fly even higher with a long hover. The updated profile allows the new Union to fly sharper into the wind and makes handling even more responsive and precise. Thanks to the tie-down without pulleys, the canopy is more resistant to rear stall and now it will not be scary to give it to your girlfriend for a ride. The smoother power response has made the Union an even simpler and easier kite for any style of riding be it freeride, freestyle or wave riding.

Union is a natural step forward for confident riders looking for a more manoeuvrable and powerful kite. It is ideal for freestylers who need a 4 line chain. The new bridle gives the control and stability of the kite during tricks, which was previously only found in the c-types.
The control has become not only more direct but also easier. The kite spins kite loops perfectly without fabric shaking and sticking in the center of the window.

Key updates:

  • Improved flight performance due to the updated canopy shape.
  • Updated bridleless bridle for better maneuverability, more direct response and improved behavior in Unhoked
  • Updated AIRUSH LOAD FRAME V4 dome reinforcement network

A redesigned canopy reinforcement system using WebTech has taken the reliability of Airush kites to a whole new level without the need to add weight.

Airush was able to redistribute the load from the critical points of the canopy thanks to the Load Frame network of reinforcements, and this allowed the heavier Dacron material to be removed from these areas. Thanks to this, the design of the kite has become even lighter and more bulletproof.

The center of the Airush Load frame's dome reinforcement concept is integratednye slings, each of which can withstand 40 kilograms to break. The network of amplifications works on the principle of a spider web.

The lines are integrated into the fabric of the kite via reinforced webbing, allowing them to elongate under impact loads and absorb much of the impact that would otherwise be received by the fabric. At the same time, the lines keep the shape of the kite from stretching during use and prolong the life of your kite.

Using TECHNO FORCE™ D2 premium synthetic material, the kite is minimally susceptible to stretch and UV damage, combined with the Dyneema Load Frame, for unsurpassed strength and durability.

XL Inflate/Deflate Valve:

It has become much easier and faster to inflate / deflate the kite through a large valve. This becomes especially noticeable when pumping the kite. Less effort means fewer broken pumps!
The larger valve and upgraded Airush pump will inflate your kite so fast that you'll be jumping tricks while your friends keep pumping.


To reduce wear and increase the durability of the kite, protective pads are sewn all over the curved parts of the front balloon.


All parts of the kite that are most susceptible to abrasion are protected by Kevlar inserts. Kevlar, which is used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests, as well as in the aviation and space industries, reliably protects the kite and at the same time does not affect the overall weight at all.


The whole inflatable frame of the kite is integrated into one system and is inflated through one valve. The air tubes connecting the cylinders to each other have an increased diameter. This not only inflates the kite evenly and quickly, but also deflates very quickly for a compact package. And due to the thickened walls, the tubes are less prone to fracture. The tubes are protected by neoprene from the harmful effects of sunlight.


Approximately 36 billion plastic bottles are produced each year and over 30% of unrecycled plastic ends up in rivers and lakes.chanah. We want to protect our environment from pollution and that is why we produce kite backpacks in cooperation with Waste 2 Wear, one of the leading plastic recycling companies.

And here is what the well-known magazine Kiteworld writes about this kite:

"We don't think there is a similar 9m kite in the all-around category that delivers the same performance as the Union" - Kiteworld

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