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Good condition.

For more information call 067 480 69 60 Board Club store.

Airush designers focused on the following areas when creating the new Slayer 2015 - increased maneuverability, accurate carving turns, strepless riding and all kinds of skate tricks on the water. Meticulous work in these areas and due to a completely new form of Slayer V3. In a light wind (or not necessarily in a weak one) on a small wave, on a chop, on the surface of the water, you can always entertain yourself and friends on this "killer" of dreary riding)) On it you quickly and completely easily learn to make new elements, rowing and ligaments. The shape of the bottom of the board and the contours guarantee complete control, perfect planing and stability in motion. Slightly tapered tail helps to better control energetic jumps and agile combinations, provides stability in turns at speed.

What's new:

  • Bottom shape and Quad-concave. The combination of deadrise and deep redans along the edges guarantee stability and precise control in motion.
  • FCS embeds and lighter fins
  • Weight is reduced, but strength is increased through the use of wood and design innovations.
  • The shape of the edges (edges) has been changed to provide clear "cut" turns, and easy rowing.
  • Narrowed stern.
  • The shape of the fins has been changed. The new fins are more effective in helping to keep heading upwind and provide stability when jumping and maneuvering.

Dimensions: 165 x 56 cm

Margin: 21L

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