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One of the most important parts of your kite equipment is a harness. Making the best products on the kite equipment market, Airush decided not to leave us without a trapezoid for kiteboarding or kitesurfing. The vast experience and knowledge of the Airush pro riders, combined with the quality of the workmanship, has given an unsurpassed result. The main feature of these models is their compact design that does not restrict your movements, which allows you to perform a variety of freestyle elements. At the same time, you will receive excellent support for your back and lower back thanks to the shape of the inside and outside, thoroughly worked out in three dimensions. Also, this technology provides kiters with evenly distributed pressure, which is impossible with the traditional manufacturing method. But still, the key feature is compactness and conciseness - you will not have a feeling of clutter and stiffness.

Technical details:
- Neoprene covered buckles won't snag lines;
- neoprene edges
- the hook fastening system consists of two straps instead of one. This feature ensures an even distribution of loads on the trapezoid. Due to this, the position of the hook becomes more stable, preventing slippage in any situation.
- Another interesting feature of this trapezoid is the system of two belts, the so-called Dual Belt System. It allows you to select the degree of support that the rider needs at the moment. The main waistband is integrated with the inner shell for an easy and quick fit on your body. The second belt tightens the inner layer, providing a precise fixation.

Board-Club official representative of AIRUSH in Ukraine.

Buy an AIRUSH trapezoid in one of our Board Club stores: in Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov or order online with delivery in Ukraine.


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