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Airush ONE 2021

A revolutionary kite for kitesurfing schools, One is the lightest in the Progression range.

It is specifically designed to open up the incredible wind range of school kites without sacrificing easy relaunch. Incredible ease of use and lightweight design (one transverse balloon) allows you to progress quickly and safely. Airush One will surprise absolutely any level of rider with its smooth traction and the ability to ride in the almost complete absence of wind!


Constructed from a more durable quad ripstop, the D4 HD Airush One is ready to tackle all weather conditions like never before. Airush research and our personal observations have shown that this fabric has the highest UV resistance, lowest stretch and highest strength of any fabric on the market.

V2.1 bridging system

The V2.1 bridle supports a little more of the kite's leading edge to get all the stability and wind range of a delta hybrid kite. At the same time, such a bridle allows you to maintain control and stability of the kite with the bar released as much as possible, which is very important for beginner riders and in turbulent wind conditions.

Airush blocks are made of Zytel material, which has very high strength and abrasion resistance. The pulley design provides perfect alignment of the load on the lines to prevent fraying of the bridle.

Each block can withstand a load of 550 kilograms.

Safety Handles

Each kiter should know how to act in case of an emergency on the water when going out for a ride. For cases when the kite can no longer be controlled by the control bar, on all Airush kites, handles for self-evacuation to the shore are sewn closer to the ends of the wing.

Airush Bumpers

Protection pads are located around the front edge of Airush kites to reduce wear on curved surfaces and increase durability. These overlays are key toincreasing the durability of the kite.

Kevlar reinforcements

Kevlar, used in body armor, is found in all kites. These Kevlar reinforcements are installed in areas that are most exposed to wear and tear to protect them, while reducing weight, which affects the performance of the kites.

Set Control

All Airush kites have the ability to quickly and easily adjust the behavior of the kite to suit your individual preferences. If the ends to which the control lines are attached are moved closer to the HIGH sign, the load on the control bar will increase, and the speed of the kite turn will decrease. Sometimes this option helps when riding in very strong winds on small kites, 5-7 m. And if you move the tips closer to the trailing edge, then the pressure coming from the kite to the bar decreases, and the wing turns become faster.


The whole inflatable frame of the kite is integrated into one system and is inflated through one valve. The air tubes connecting the cylinders to each other have an increased diameter. This not only inflates the kite evenly and quickly, but also deflates very quickly for a compact package. And due to the thickened walls, the tubes are less prone to fracture. The tubes are additionally protected by neoprene from the harmful effects of sunlight.

XL Inflate/Deflate Valve

It has become much easier and faster to inflate / deflate the kite through a large valve. This becomes especially noticeable when pumping the kite. Less effort can be applied, and therefore fewer broken pumps! The larger valve and upgraded Airush pump will pump up your kite so fast you'll be jumping tricks while your friends keep pumping.


  • Single cross tube design allows you to be completely independent of the wind and ride in any conditions
  • D4 HD material
  • V 2.1 bridle system - incredible support and stability
  • Safety handles
  • AIRUSH Bumpers are key to the durability of Airush kites
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • Advanced Lightweight Backpack
  • ?Ease of use

Review by Andrey Salnik:

Kite Airush Onewas, if not a revolution in kite building, then at least a very serious breakthrough. While not intended for everyday riding and schooling, many riders have chosen this model for its handling, stability and predictability. And the instructors finally got the perfect tool for training light riders and working in ragged or light winds.

From this year, Airrush introduces the One model, which is very similar to the Ultra but slightly modified for Freeride and is made of super durable D4 HD CLOTH material.

This is the perfect kite for light or ragged winds.

A very good choice for light riders, girls and kids.

The perfect school kite.


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