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Airush Lithium V12 2021

Lithium is the most versatile, reliable and fun kite in the Airush range. If you're looking for a cool kite, get a Lithium and you'll love it for the rest of your life, then gift it to your best friend and buy yourself a new Lithium because it's impossible not to love this kite with all your heart. If you don't know which kite to buy, you almost certainly need lithium. This model of kite works equally flawlessly in wave riding, high jumps, figure jibbing and first water starts. The Lithium is filled with sensors and automatic systems that work off gusts, flatten the canopy in turbulence and keep it from flying overhead on bad landings. He feels when you need another half a second to spin the backroll and does everything for you. He knows that a good kite himself goes to the edge of the window after a fall and waits for the command to take off like a faithful pet. If you want to jump high, just think about it and you are already flying. Soft landing? - Not another word! Sit back and enjoy the view from the porthole, Lithium does everything for you. Megaloop? -yes easily! Interception? -no question.

This year's legendary kite gets even smoother handling with minimal bar loading and crisper feedback.

Lithium is the Tesla of the Kites.

Review from the five-time champion of Ukraine in kitesurfing Andriy Salnyk:

Well, that's all! That's all for sure!

I'm officially saying that you can go sell, donate or burn your old kites and run for the new Lithium V11 while they're still available. Airush released the coolest kite in the world. Airush released the coolest kite in the world!!!!! and so modestly wrote on the site: “we have improved everything, now the bar is easier and the “performance” has increased.”


This is outrageous. They must shout on every corner that everything! This is the most controllable, most funky, strongest, most powerful and most daring kite in the world! All brands write about the bar, "performance" and controllability every year. BUT IT'S JUST A GUN!

Now we can say without reservation that this is a kite for everyone and for everything. If you ask me which kite I recommend buying this year, I will definitely say that this is Lithium 2020.

If you want to jump the best, the highest and the safest, you need Lithium.

If you want to learn how to ride the waves, you need Lithium.

If you want to learn how to make the most beautiful and longest darkslide, you need Lithium.

Teach moves? lithium. Learn kite loops? lithium. Megaloops!? Lithium.

Don't learn anything, just enjoy your kite, your favorite sport and the beauty of the world around you - Lithium. A lot has changed this year. The plank really got easier. The kite is better controlled and easier to go upwind. The kite loops spin by themselves and “sagging” appeared on the interceptions, but this is not the main thing. It’s hard for me to put into words how cool this model is balanced and what emotions you get from riding. This is probably pure, concentrated happiness.

Untrap V3.2

The bridle system, which has been shortened by 10%, has a significant impact on turning speed and leading edge performance. In addition, absolute thrust relief has a huge impact on increasing safety.

AIRUSH blocks are made of durable ZYTEL material for maximum comfort.

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