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The dreams of many kiters who just want to jump above all their friends and lead the WOO home spots rankings have finally been heard. Airush has released the perfect kite for skydiving and megaloops - LIFT V3.

Thanks to its high elongation and rigid construction with five transverse balloons, the Airush Lift is able to maintain its shape even in extreme winds and under ultra-high loads.

For mere mortals, this gives at least a couple of meters of headroom to your existing jumps and a couple of extra seconds of flight, as well as super upwind carving and shedding any excess wind if needed. In the hands of a more confident rider, the Lift turns into a real rocket and shoots at such a height that you can see with the naked eye the bending of the planet's horizon.

This kite is designed primarily for strong winds and high explosive loads. This makes it perfect for advanced kiters who like to jump high, do Big Air tricks and ride in strong winds. Due to the increased strength and rigidity of the canopy, this model will appeal to real heroes under whose power, ordinary kites are deformed and begin to behave like jellyfish in flight.

Of course, if you are just starting out in the world of kiteboarding, you should look into the more versatile Airush kites like Lithium. But if you are an experienced rider and are looking for a real sports car - Lift will give you an absolute delight.

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