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Livewire Kiteboard is a charged multifunctional board, the main element of which is freestyle in wake style. Airush team pro riders Alex Pastor, Bruna Kajiya and Bas Koole put their minds, knowledge and experience to work on this board. Working closely with the riders, the board shapers were able to strike the sweet spot between board stiffness and responsiveness. They were also helped in this by the use of a completely new technology, which includes a carbon torsion bar “controller”. In the process of creating the native 140 size of Alex Pastor, the rails, bottom, nose and tail of the board were finalized, due to which the directional stability of the board was increased. And the pointed ABS plastic rail, which increases in thickness towards the center of the board, increases the strength of the kiteboard and is best suited for riding in boots. The explosive snap makes this board ideal for freestyle and wake style riding, while the flat edges increase versatility and improve sharp courses, and the reinforced rocker makes the board agile and cushions landings after aggressive power tricks.

Who should buy a Livewere kiteboard:

  • For those who have long outgrown the simple tramway and are delirious about new school - freestyle.
  • Those who have already completed more than one trick, but want to move to the big leagues of freestyle and want to start riding in wake style.


The design of the MULTIZONE BIOTECH board, which has already become a benchmark, has received triaxial fiber lamination, which increases the wear resistance and strength of the kiteboard. The sandwich itself is made of light, flexible and resilient wood species, as well as an edging made of durable ABS plastic. Dense poplar makes the middle of the board very resilient, and the balsa reduces the weight of the deck to a minimum.


  • Kiteboard
  • AFT TEAM Pad Loops
  • Metro 30 fins


  • 135cmx40cm
  • 138cmx41cm
  • 140cmx42cm

Board-Club official AIRUSH in Ukraine.

To buy an AIRUSH LIVEWIRE kiteboard in the Board Club stores in Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa or order it on our website means to become part of the surf culture, get the best price and manufacturer's warranty for all products presented in our stores!


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