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G-FORM protection is first of all reliability, versatility and maximum comfort.

The G-form protection is designed using special RPT™ technology (Reactive Impact Technology). This technology is based on the innovative impact-absorbing material PORON® XRD™ - a soft, elastic, non-friable "gel" that provides a decent level of protection without loss of properties, even after repeated impacts.

The base is made of elastic lycra. G-Form protection is the only protection in the world that absorbs over 90% of impact energy.

The unique manufacturing technology allows the G-Form protection to tightly fit the body, repeating natural curves, which is much more reliable than a rigid protection that can "move out" at the most inopportune moment.

A distinctive feature of the entire G-Form collection is the ability to absorb shocks equally effectively throughout the entire service life.

G-Form protection can be worn under tight clothing when snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, rollerblading, cycling, wakeboarding (all materials are absolutely resistant to external influences of the sun and water). RPT™ technology "translates" the energy of impact into the energy of intermolecular bonds and your body remains safe and sound!

G-Form protection can be worn under clothes and over clothes, washed, dried, riding in it in winter and summer!

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