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This is a simulator that develops stabilizer muscles, which are important in surfing and not only in it. On the balance board at home, you can work out a lot of exercises that allow you to keep your body in good shape between trips to the ocean, develop the vestibular apparatus and learn something new. As a result, upon arrival at the ocean, the rolling process will take much less time and progress will go faster.


  • Board - 75cm x 37cm
  • Roller - 40cm x Ø12.5cm

Deka has a small but very comfortable flex that gives a pleasant feeling of confidence while balancing. Also in this model, beveled stoppers are used, which make the moment of the stop of the roller in the stopper smoother. The edges of the deck have a slight bevel - this allows the board not to stick when it touches the floor sharply, which makes it as safe as possible. The roller has an eco-friendly cork coating that gives it a comfortable rolling feel under the board and makes it very quiet. The roller is safe for all types of floor coverings, leaves no residue, is not afraid of wet cleaning and has a pleasant grip on the board.

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