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AIRUSH UNION V5 red/teal 2020

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Airush Union V5 2020

Union V5 has been tweaked to improve key areas, providing even more hang time in Big Air, along with faster and more responsive controls.

Union V5 - for those who are looking for easy learning tricks in the air and stable control of the kite. Ideal for freestyle and freeride as it is more forgiving and responsive.

Review from five-time Ukrainian kitesurfing champion Andrey Salnyk:

Sport kite for ambitious kiters. Union is located at the intersection of two worlds. Professional kiteboarding and normal people kiteboarding. Only five-line kites are cooler than Union, but this is pure evil for professional athletes and they lose to freeride kites in many ways.

If you are an experienced kiter and want to train for maximum heights. If your style of riding is freestyle. Union is for you. It is made specifically to shoot into the sky, make interceptions and spin kite loops.

Extremely light and strong design with three transverse balloons, the thin leading edge of the kite is reinforced with a network of dynema lines. This is a real samurai sword in the world of kites. Accurate, light, fast and incredibly durable.

LOAD Frame V4 + WebTech

The WebTech-enabled LOAD Frame V4 was the key to maximizing kite durability without sacrificing weight.

By modifying the exclusive base frame with WebTech, Airush developers were able to minimize or completely remove the heavier Dacron fabric and use a ballistic high modulus polyethylene material instead - increasing strength and minimizing weight.

Integrated high modulus polyethylene filaments

The centerpiece of the load-bearing frame are light, high-modulus yarns, each of which can carry 40 kg. She is like a web that takes the hit and absorbs the energy.

These strands are integrated into the dome via a reinforced webbing that allows them to elongate under extreme stress, absorbing most of the impact that would normally go through the dome. They take the brunt of the load preventing stretchingand increasing durability and efficiency.

Technoforce D2

Using TECHNO FORCE™ D2 high-density premium synthetic material, the kite is minimally susceptible to stretch and UV damage, combined with the Dyneema Load Frame for unsurpassed strength and durability.

Double coating with double ripstop protects the threads as much as possible from UV and abrasive damage. This ensures that the canopy stays as strong and responsive as possible for as long as possible.

XL Inflate/Deflate Valve

It has become much easier and faster to inflate / deflate the kite through a large valve. This becomes especially noticeable when pumping the kite. Less effort can be applied, and therefore fewer broken pumps! The larger valve and upgraded Airush pump will pump up your kite so fast you'll be jumping tricks while your friends keep pumping.

Airush Bumpers

Protection pads are located all around the front edge of Airush kites to reduce wear on curved surfaces and increase durability.


The whole inflatable frame of the kite is integrated into one system and is inflated through one valve. The air tubes connecting the cylinders to each other have an increased diameter. This not only inflates the kite evenly and quickly, but also deflates very quickly for a compact package. And due to the thickened walls, the tubes are less prone to fracture. The tubes are additionally protected by neoprene from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Kevlar reinforcements

Kevlar, used in body armor, is found in all kites. These Kevlar reinforcements are installed in areas that are most exposed to wear and tear to protect them, while reducing weight, which affects the performance of the kites.

Recycled polyester backpack

Approximately 36 billion plastic bottles are produced each year and over 30% of unrecycled plastic ends up in rivers and oceans. Airush tries to protect our element from pollution and therefore producesdrives kite backpacks in collaboration with Waste 2 Wear, one of the leading plastic recycling companies.


  • The perfect kite for freestyle and freeride
  • Web Tech and Techno Force D2 material for minimal weight and incredible strength
  • Integrated high modulus polyethylene strands - each can hold up to 40 kg - provide resilience and durability
  • AIRUSH Bumpers are key to the durability of Airush kites
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • Rear strap adjustment
  • XL, SPS and FBI inflation valves - extremely fast kite inflation
  • ECO backpack made from recycled plastic

Board-Club official AIRUSH in Ukraine.

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