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AIRUSH UNION 2016 orange

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Review of the five-time champion of Ukraine in kitesurfing Andriy Salnyk:
First impression: even the Union backpack pleases with its design and performance style, but the kite itself looks just incredibly cool and bright. Dynema Power Net not only looks cool, but also makes your kite last longer. Airrush claims to have never had a lead-to-back kite break since the introduction of this innovation. The workmanship is top notch as always. There is also a large valve for easy inflation of the kite. And tubes of One Pump system of increased diameter. And the coolest kite fabric on the market today is Techno Force D2. In general, the design looks very neat and sound.
There were no significant changes to the plank. Everything is very reliable, pleasant and concise, in general, as always)). But this year there was a whole line of trims for different tastes. Choose from a women's bar, a pro bar, an entry-level non-split bar, and a Smart Bar with quick-adjust sizing and reduced diameter this year.
Airush says that Union combines the characteristics of Razor Wave and Lithium. And I must say that he does it extremely well. Fortunately, I have already managed to try it in various conditions and lay down a clear idea. I rode Union on the waves of Mauritius, did complex interceptions and amplitude kite loops, and I even had to teach beginners on it. This kite does its job really well.
Compared to the 2015 Varial X, which was replaced by the Union, you can note sharper control with direct response to your actions and explosive power on jumps. The general impression is that the kite has become more controllable and faster, but at the same time retained the predictability and stability so necessary for beginners.
Union has three control line attachment points and two power line adjustment options. I like how the kite behaves with the maximum load on the bar. When the control lines are moved as far forward as possible, the HARD position. This setting gives the maximuma clear response to your actions and makes the kite a truly sports equipment. But for relaxed skiing in light winds or for girls, SOFT with soft controls and comfortable fast turns is probably suitable. Due to the high speed of the Union and the fact that the kite flies close to the edge of the wind window, it can put out a lot of power on the fly. It helps a lot in light winds. By properly swinging the kite, you can ride when everyone is already sitting on the shore.
One of the nicest things about the Union is the stability and large depower range with very progressive and smooth power control. With a rather long bar travel, the Union handles well throughout its entire travel length and almost completely loses traction at the end of the depower. It helps a lot when riding waves and makes life easier for beginners. On average, the bar load is a little more than lithium, but this gives a crisp handling response and a sporty character that progressive riders will love.
A fairly pronounced increase in traction when tightening the bar adds confidence when riding the waves, especially for beginner wave riders. But at the same time, strong control skills and an aggressive start are required for a water start and gaining speed.
This kite drifts downwind perfectly without losing control or diving down. Wave riders will appreciate these features.
The way the kite's power increases during the swings is truly the highest pleasure. In this regard, the kite behaves almost like a tseshka. We were also pleased with the kite loops. The Union turns quickly but with a good grip. Making megaloops on small Union sizes is a real thrill. Everything goes smoothly and safely. That same explosive power boost allows you to jump high with incredible ease and control.
Due to high stability, a clear, predictable pull and a pronounced slack in the lines after repulsion, it is very easy to jump on your hands. Union, of course, is not a chain, and in a strong wind it starts to "stretch" a little earlier. But in medium wind, I managed all the most difficult tricks.
In general Union very successfully continues the line of wonderful Varial X kites. But this year the kite has already been brought to perfection and performs so well in any conditions that it’s not even clear what else to want))
  • Dome
  • Backpack
  • Pump
  • Repair kit

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